PSA: You’re Not Resting Enough In Baldur’s Gate 3

Shep is shown laying down at camp.
Shep is shown laying down at camp.

Who doesn’t love a good nap? In Baldur’s Gate 3, much of your time is spent in combat using your limited spell slots and getting pummeled within an inch of your life, all of which can be restored by taking a rest at camp. Like a child who doesn’t want to go to sleep because they’re having too much fun, you might be resisting the inclination to rest your head by your campfire because you’ve got so many important things to do in your waking hours, I’m here to tell you that rest is not only important to heal your party and replenish your spell slots, you’re actively missing out on some of the game’s best moments by not going to camp for a collective nap.

What is the difference between Short Rest and Long Rest?

There are two types of “rests” in Baldur’s Gate 3, one is done anywhere in the overworld, the other is done when you set up camp. Short Rests partially heal your team and don’t replenish spell slots unless you’re a class like Warlock which gets fewer spell slots in exchange for the ability to regain them in a short rest. You get two Short Rests each day and they’re replenished by taking a Long Rest. They’re useful for giving your team a second wind in a long dungeon or a quick heal before you go into a fight.

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