The PS5 earbuds are real and will deliver lossless, low-latency audio

 PS5 earbuds reveal
PS5 earbuds reveal

Hate over-ear headsets? Sony's the first console manufacturer to offer its own alternative.

Fresh off the Sony PlayStation Showcase for May 2023, the giant has revealed that it is indeed working on a set of PS5 earbuds, after rumors began swirling back in February. Following industry leaks, a swathe of renders and the mysterious codename Project Nomad, Sony unveiled the PS5 earbuds towards the end of its showcase event today.

Touted as the first ever PlayStation earbuds and set to bring "next generation audio immersion to PS5 and PC", the buds carry the signature swish of the PS5's design language, with a crisp white outer chassis and a bulb design to fit into the inner ear. Housed in a slick charging case shaped in a pouch style, they're certainly impressive to look at.

There's plenty of tech under the hood, though. With Jim Ryan stating that the buds will offer a low latency connection (2.4GHz to you and me) and lossless audio, the PS5 earbuds look set to keep up with the rest of the competition. Add simultaneous Bluetooth connections and things are looking strong.

We'll have to wait on a price announcement, though following the Pulse 3D headset's success at a sub-$100 / £100 position, we could be pleasantly surprised. More details are yet to come, so if you're after some of the best gaming earbuds for this PlayStation generation it might be worth holding off until we know more.

The PS5 earbuds were announced alongside a dedicated Remote Play streaming device, consisting of a DualSense cut down the middle, wrapped around an 8-inch display. Again, we're still awaiting more information.

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