Proton users can now secure all their family members with one subscription

 Proton services working on a laptop
Proton services working on a laptop

New and existing Proton users can now secure the digital life of all their family members with just one subscription.

Proton Family is an all-in-one plan that gives access to its premium VPN service, secure email, encrypted cloud storage and calendar to up to six users.

The Swiss-based privacy company seeks to fight back today's growing cyber threats, making it easier to protect the most vulnerable members of the household.

All-in-one plan to protect everyone in your family

"As a parent, I am eager to teach my children the proper ways to approach email, cloud storage, and internet security from the beginning. I know I am not alone in this," said Proton's Product Lead David Dudok de Wit.

Recent data shows, in fact, that about 7 out of 10 families have experienced cyber threats in some forms. The great majority of parents (90%) are worried for the safety of their children's online identity, too. Such concerns are understandable being that kids are increasingly surfing the web from a very young age nowadays.

Downloading and correctly using a virtual private network or any other security tools is something that might be tricky also for the eldest of the family who may not fully understand the risks of such an ever-changing online world.

"The Proton Family plan takes us one step closer to our mission of making privacy the default for everyone," said Dudok de Wit.

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An all-in-one plan to protect all your loved ones, Proton Family gives premium access to all the products and features under the company's belt for up to six members of your family.

At the time of writing, this includes its Proton VPN, Proton Mail, Proton Calendar and Proton Drive coming with a 3TB of shared storage space and a 20GB bonus to be added every year. Proton Pass, the provider's very own password manager now available in beta, will also be included once made available to all users.

Starting from what works out to be a monthly fee of $19.99, users can sign up directly or simply upgrade their existing subscription.

Dudok de Wit said: "A family plan has been among our most sought-after services, and I am delighted to announce its launch today."