Proton Persona and Iriz 2022: Six tech upgrades you need to know

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The 2022 Proton Iriz (pic) and Persona are now available for booking online. ― Picture via SoyaCincau
The 2022 Proton Iriz (pic) and Persona are now available for booking online. ― Picture via SoyaCincau

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 ― Proton has refreshed its Persona and Iriz, and they are introduced as its 2022 model. For this facelift, both vehicles offer a couple of notable upgrades. If you’re wondering what’s new, here are the top six tech upgrades that you need to know for Proton’s sedan and hatchback.

New 8″ floating touch-screen display

The new Personal and Iriz get a new 8″ floating touch-screen display which replaces the old “integrated” 7″ touch-screen unit. The centre console has been redesigned to accommodate the new update and the middle aircon vents are now placed right below the display.

The floating headunit still supports Bluetooth, 4G connectivity and WiFi hotspot. It can display the latest weather information, offers GPS navigation and apps including JOOX’s music streaming service. It also supports smartphone connectivity where you can mirror the screen of your device on the larger floating display. The 8″ touchscreen with a reverse camera is available on all variants except for the standard model.

If you get the entry-level Persona or Iriz variant, Proton has included a standard audio player instead.

Advanced Voice commands

On the previous Iriz, the 7″ headunit can support voice commands but it is only to control your music, navigation, and weather forecast. The new version allows you to do more with your voice. Similar to the Proton X70, you can use the “Hi Proton” feature to control the air-conditioning as well as the power windows. This provides extra convenience while you keep both hands on the wheel.

New aircon controls with digital display

Instead of the traditional three knob design, Proton has replaced the air conditioning controls with a new digital version that looks similar to the X50 SUV. However, the controls are still manual and that means you don’t get auto climate control where you can preset your desired temperature.

This new aircon control with digital display is standard across the entire Persona and Iriz range including the Standard model.

Total of six USB ports

If you have low-battery anxiety, you’ll be pleased to know that both vehicles come with a total of six USB ports which is double the previous version. For front occupants, there are three USB-A ports (one for data) below the aircon controls while rear passengers get two front-facing USB-A ports.

Another nice addition is the extra USB port that’s mounted on the roof near the windscreen. This is great for powering up a dashcam and it saves you the hassle of rerouting the long cable during installation.

LED headlamps

The updated 2022 models come with LED headlamps that support auto on/off and follow me home function. However, the LED headlamps are only available on the highest variants – Persona Premium and Iriz Active.

The other lower variants are still using halogen lights. LED daytime running lamps (DRL) are still included in all variants except for standard.

Minimum four airbags as standard

To bump up its safety credentials, Proton is finally doing away with just two airbags. For the new Persona and Iriz, you’ll get a minimum of four airbags for the front and side on the base-level Standard model. For the Iriz Executive and Active, you get a total of 6 airbags inclusive of the curtain airbags.

However, for the Persona 2022, only the Premium model gets six airbags as the mid-spec Executive model still settles for 4. Overall, it is still a significant upgrade as the previous Persona only had two airbags for all variants below the Premium.

Proton Persona 2022 pricing

The new Persona 2022 is now open for booking and it is available in 3 CVT variants. Below is the On-The-Road (OTR) pricing excluding insurance. The price listed is with the current SST Exemption that’s valid until 31st December 2021.

West Malaysia

  • Persona 1.6 Standard – RM45,200

  • Persona 1.6 Executive – RM50,100

  • Persona 1.6 Premium – RM54,900

East Malaysia

  • Persona 1.6 Standard – RM47,200

  • Persona 1.6 Executive – RM52,100

  • Persona 1.6 Premium- RM56,900

Besides the updated front grille with the round Proton logo and extra chrome, the new model gets new 16-inch alloy wheels. On the inside, the Persona Premium gets brown leatherette seats and door trim which has a similar shade as the Nappa Leather interior on the Proton X70 Premium model. The new Persona also gets a new centre armrest which is also wrapped in brown.

Proton Iriz 2022 pricing

The updated Proton Iriz is also now available for booking. You also get three CVT variants with no option for manual even for the sporty-looking Active variant. Below is the On-The-Road (OTR) pricing excluding insurance and with the current SST Exemption:

West Malaysia

  • Iriz 1.3 Standard – RM40,300

  • Iriz 1.6 Executive – RM47,100

  • Iriz 1.6 Active – RM54,000

East Malaysia

  • Iriz 1.3 Standard – RM42,300

  • Iriz 1.6 Executive – RM49,100

  • Iriz 1.6 Active – RM56,000

The latest addition is the Iriz Active that offers a crossover SUV look with extra plastic cladding on the exterior. It looks like a baby Proton X50 as it has a black roof and a new grille that has a striking red line. The Active also gets a revised bumper design and a new 16″ alloy wheel design.

Unlike the Proton Iriz Executive which uses Leatherette seats, the Active comes with semi leather seats with fabric. The seats have red stitching and there are also red highlights throughout the interior including the centre console. Even the door side panels have “ACTIVE” written in red. Also included is a centre armrest similar to the updated Persona.

What hasn’t changed?

Under the hood, the engine and transmission remain unchanged from the previous version. Both Persona and Iriz still get a 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine that pushes 109PS (107hp) and 150Nm of torque. Meanwhile, the Iriz Standard uses a 1.3-litre fou-cylinder petrol engine that pushes 95PS (94hp) and 120Nm of torque.

Despite the earlier speculation that Proton may make the switch to a standard 4-speed torque converter, the new models are still using CVT across the range. Also retained is a 40-litre fuel tank and both still use drum brakes for the rear.

In terms of safety, Proton still includes Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Traction Control System (TCS) and Hill Hold Assist (HHA) as standard across the Persona and Iriz range. Apart from having more airbags for the lower-spec variants, there aren’t any new advanced safety features like lane departure warning (LDW) or autonomous emergency braking (AEB).

The new Persona and Iriz 2022 are covered with a five-year 150,000km warranty and it comes with 3 times free labour service. Also included is a 5-year data package of 1GB per month.

To learn more, you can visit Proton’s Persona and Iriz product pages. ― SoyaCincau

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