Protests for murdered British journalist, indigenous expert

STORY: Holding banners for justice and a Brazilian flag painted in red representing blood, residents of the capital city gathered to condemn the crime.

A forensic exam carried out on human remains found in the region confirmed on Saturday (June 18) that they belonged to Pereira. The remains of Phillips were identified on Friday (June 17).

Police said both had been shot with hunting ammunition, with Pereira hit once in the head and twice in the chest and abdomen. Phillips was shot in the torso.

Phillips, a freelance reporter who had written for the Guardian and the Washington Post, was doing research for a book on the trip with Pereira, a former head of isolated and recently contacted tribes at federal indigenous affairs agency FUNAI.

They vanished on June 5 while travelling together through the region by boat.

The police have so far arrested Amarildo da Costa Oliveira, a fisherman who confessed to killing the two men, and his brother, Oseney da Costa, who was taken into custody earlier this week. A third suspect was arrested on Saturday.

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