Protests grow after Greece train crash

STORY: Protests erupted late Friday night outside the Greek parliament, following a demonstration over the deadly train collision that claimed the lives of at least 57 people earlier in the week.

Some protesters threw Molotov cocktails and fireworks at police outside the building…

Officers responded with teargas.

Similar clashes were seen in the city of Thessaloniki after thousands marched in protest, holding banners that in English translated to: "THEIR PROFITS-OUR DEAD."

Earlier in the day, families and friends, dressed in black stood outside a church in Katerini as the coffin of a 34-year-old mother killed in Greece's deadliest train crash was being carried out…

It was the first known funeral after Tuesday night's accident.

There were more than 350 people on board the passenger train, many of them university students going back to Thessaloniki from Athens after a long holiday weekend.

Anger has grown across the country over the crash, which the government has attributed to human error but which unions say was inevitable due to a lack of maintenance and faulty signaling.

More than 5,000 university and school students protested in Athens:

UNIVERSITY STUDENT AGGELOS THOMOPOULOS,: "Most of all we feel rage that this could happen in the year 2023, how two trains can collide, to be dealing with such an event, when there is so much technology (that exists)?"

Railway workers who began a strike on Thursday extended their walkout by another 48-hours on Friday.