Protests in Brazil over Bolsonaro's COVID response

Protesters across Brazil took to the streets, Saturday… demonstrating outrage against President Jair Bolsonaro's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some chanted "No to Dictatorship," and held signs that read: "Out with Bolsonaro."

Bolsonaro's popularity has plummeted during the coronavirus crisis, which has killed more than 450,000 Brazilians.

The far-right leader has played down its severity, dismissed mask wearing and cast doubt on the importance of vaccines.

In Rio de Janeiro, protester Joana Martins said, she wants him gone:

"Impeachment, now. Out with Bolsonaro. I can't stand him anymore, there will be more deaths if he stays on. How many more deaths before there is a political hearing?”

The protesters also called for faster vaccinations nationwide.

Organized by leftist political parties, unions and student associations, Saturday's protests in at least 16 Brazilian cities were mainly peaceful…

But in the northeastern city of Recife, police threw tear gas and shot rubber bullets.

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