Protests in Bolivia as opposition leader is arrested

STORY: Bolivia's state attorney's office confirmed the detention of the right-wing governor of Santa Cruz, saying it was connected to the toppling of former leftist president Evo Morales in 2019. It comes after ex-president Jeanine Anez was jailed last year after being found guilty of orchestrating a "coup."

Demonstrators supporting and opposing Camacho took to the streets in La Paz and neighbouring El Alto, with some scuffles breaking out between the two sides. Police fired tear gas and set off fireworks to dispel the protesters.

Demonstrator Florencia Poma told Reuters Camacho's arrest was a step towards justice for causing political turmoil, saying, “Blood has been spilled in Bolivia. This cannot go unpunished, we need to get justice. That’s why we’re here. The people will not stop, we’ll keep on demanding justice."

While Camacho supporter Vladimir Machicado accused the Bolivian government of political persecution. "La Paz will not turn into a jail for the political prisoners who have defended democracy. If they detain Camacho, they will want to detain all the citizens of La Paz," Machicado said.

The arrest follows weeks of unrest in Santa Cruz, led by Camacho, during which protesters blocked streets and halted trade over the government's delay in carrying out a new census that would likely result in Santa Cruz securing more tax revenues and seats in Congress.