Protesters want 'freedom' amid Macron vaccine push

Over one hundred thousand people marched across France, Saturday, to protest against President Emmanuel Macron's plans to force the vaccination of health workers and require a COVID-19 vaccine certificate - or negative test - to gain entry to bars, restaurants and movie theaters.

Demonstrators say Macron’s sweeping measures - announced this week to fight a surge in covid infections - infringe on their freedom of choice.

PROTESTER, CHRYSTELLE: ”Vaccinations are really about individual freedom, everyone can choose, that's not the theme here today. The theme is about the absence of freedom that is unfortunately continuing to grow in this country. That's it, they're taking away our freedoms little by little. Vaccinated or not, we are all together!”

One demonstrator in Paris was seen dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Some signs read: "No to the health passport."

Macron’s announcement had already prompted demonstrations earlier this week in Paris, where police had fired tear gas to disperse some protesters.

Marches across the country also included "yellow vest" protesters seeking to revive the anti-government movement curbed by coronavirus lockdowns.

Earlier on Saturday, the office of Prime Minister Jean Castex said France would reinforce restrictions on unvaccinated travelers from a series of countries to fight the surge of COVID infections.

The average number of new infections in France has rebounded to reach nearly 11,000 per day.

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