Protesters Shout at Trudeau During Cabinet Retreat in Hamilton

Canadian protesters gathered at a hotel where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was staying during a federal cabinet retreat in Hamilton, Ontario, on Tuesday, January 24.

Footage posted by Joe Warmington on Tuesday shows flag-carrying demonstrators shouting at cabinet members outside the Hamilton hotel.

The prime minister and the cabinet were scheduled to meet for three days, from Monday, January 23, to Wednesday, January 25. The leaders would “focus on the Government of Canada’s ongoing efforts to make life more affordable and build an economy that works for all Canadians,” Trudeau said. Credit: Joe Warmington via Storyful

Video transcript





- Don't get drawn into anything.




- Shame on you for selling Canada out to Chinese [INAUDIBLE] and the World Economic Forum.


- Shame on you for selling Canada out.


- Hey, chief.

- You criminals.

- So this is where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet are holed up for this year's first cabinet retreat. And you can see there are some protesters here and there's been a little bit of excitement in Hamilton tonight as the prime minister and the cabinet--

- These people-- Canadians peacefully protest. These people are opposition-- controlled opposition. They are shooting fireworks into the crowds. They're being unruly. They are causing a ruckus and that is not what Canadians do.

That is not what they do. These people are liars. They are not a part of the Freedom Convoy.

- So you can see there's lots of emotion here and different points of view on it. Quite a police presence outside the restaurant, but it's the hotel here-- it's really just this one police officer so far.


- Never forget that a small fringe minority called politicians shut this country down for two years. Why? Why were we shut down for two years?