Protesters Scatter and Shout 'Gas' After Police Stop to Kneel in Wilmington

Protesters ran and shouted ‘gas’ moments after police stopped to kneel in Wilmington, North Carolina, on May 31.

Local news outlets reported the use of teargas on protesters on the same date.

Michaela Rose Doyle recorded this footage and told Storyful she had not planned on attending this particular protest as she feared it could turn into a riot.

“Around 9:45 pm I had heard rubber bullets and teargas had been released so I got ready as quickly as I could to go help people,” she said. “I arrived within 30 minutes with water, milk, supplies, and extra masks.”

She said she was able to help a few people before she heard cheering, and someone yelling “they’re kneeling!”

“I went to go meet them, we kneeled and the second the last person hit the ground, we were teargassed,” she said.

On June 2, after two nights of protests, the City of Wilmington issued a citywide curfew, effective immediately from 9 pm to 5 am until further notice. Credit: Michaela Rose Doyle via Storyful