Protesters Pray for Country During Pro-Trump Rally in Phoenix, Arizona

Supporters of President Donald Trump prayed for America during a demonstration in Phoenix, Arizona on November 6, rallying to call for all the votes in the United States general election to be counted;

Footage uploaded by Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar shows people praying during the event with some kneeling. “Real Americans are praying for our country and to stop the Left from stealing this lawful victory for @realDonaldTrump,” wrote Congressman Gosar.

The crowd chanted “count the legal votes”, according to local news reports.

As of 8:35 pm EST on November 6, Arizona had counted 1,572,634 votes for Joe Biden and 1,535,818 for Trump with 90% reporting, according to the Arizona Central.

The Maricopa County Elections Department announced they had counted more than two million ballots, which was the highest number of ballots cast in the county. Credit: Paul Gosar via Storyful

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