Protesters at Massive Vienna Demonstration Trek Through Water Near Karlskirche

A group of protesters walked through the water in front of the Karlskirche in Vienna, Austria, on June 4 amid Black Lives Matter demonstrations that brought an estimated 50,000 people out to the streets of the city.

Julia Seidl, who recorded this video, told Storyful the turnout for the city’s protest was much larger than expected.

“They expected 3,000 people,” she said, but local news outlets said the Vienna police department estimated the crowd to be around 50,000.

“They protested peacefully. Some of the people who joined the demo spontaneously jumped into the water,” Seidl said.

The video shows protesters holding signs and marching through the water while chanting. Anti-racism solidarity protests have been seen all around the world, according to reports. Credit: Julia Seidl via Storyful