Protesters Gather in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Following Violent Arrest of Two Brothers

Demonstrators took to the streets of Rock Hill, South Carolina, on Wednesday night, June 23, following the forceful arrest of two brothers at a gas station earlier that day.

Footage streamed live on Facebook by Rye Martinez shows demonstrators gathered in Rock Hill on Wednesday night.

Video of the arrest that sparked the protest was streamed live on Facebook. The footage showed officers taking down two men, becoming increasingly physical until both men are handcuffed.

Police said they arrested Ricky Roderick Price, “a known offender," for possessing two bags of marijuana and a pistol. While he was being arrested, his brother, Travis Price, arrived on scene and approached officers.

Both brothers were charged – one with unlawful possession of a firearm, possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine and marijuana, and other charges; the other brother was charged with hindering police.

Police said they were conducting an internal review of the incident. Credit: Rye Martinez via Storyful

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