Protesters gather to mark 'million-people' march anniversary in Hong Kong

The crowd on Tuesday (June 9) defied a government ban on gatherings of more than eight people due to the coronavirus, as well as a heavy riot police presence on the streets, with officers repeatedly seen conducting searches on those passing through the area.

Some held placards reading "We can't breathe! Free HK" and "Young Lives Matter", nods to U.S. protests against police brutality sparked by the death of African American George Floyd.

"The National Security Law will be enacted soon, we are committed to protecting our homeland and our future generations," said protester George Lam. "We should cherish every step while we still have the chance to go on to the street."

Last year on June 9, it was estimated more than one million protesters took to the streets against proposed legislation to allow extraditions to mainland China, where the courts are controlled by the Communist Party.