Protesters demand money back from Evergrande

Give us our money back...

That was the demand from protesters at Evergrande offices in Guangzhou on Tuesday (January 4).

Investors gathered there amid worries that their returns would be sacrificed to keep the company afloat.

Though some said they'd been prevented from getting to the office building.

The police stopped us says this woman.

The protests were sparked after Evergrande last week dialled back how much it would repay investors in its wealth management products.

More than 80,000 people have bought such offerings over the past five years.

That includes Evergrande employees and owners of its properties.

They were lured by the promise of yields approaching 12%, and gifts including Gucci bags.

Tuesday actually saw Evergrande shares jump, however.

They rose as much as 10% during the day's trade.

That after the firm played down worries over an order to demolish some buildings at a massive resort development.

Evergrande said that would not affect the rest of the project in Hainan province.

Even so, markets remain on alert over a company weighed down by over $300 billion in liabilities.

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