Protesters demand climate finance at COP27

STORY: None of the rallies lasted more than a few hours, and some broke up after less than an hour. They were all being held within areas under U.N. responsibility during the two-week international summit.

"There’s no time anymore to keep coming to these COPs as an exercise, when parties come in their private jets and are sponsored by Coca-Cola, etc., and we do a whole dance around an issue so critical and so urgent," said Zukiswa White, 29, a South African campaigner for gender equity in climate policy.

Ahead of the conference, activists had worried their voices would be curtailed in the highly secured tourist resort in Egypt, where public demonstrations are effectively banned and activists have struggled to operate legally amid a far-reaching crackdown on political dissent. Egypt had said it would allow protests within confined zones at COP27.

White said civic groups had worked hard through the year before the summit to ensure its agenda included the issue of compensating poor nations for losses and damages already incurred in climate-fueled disasters, like floods or wildfires.

One of the organizers noted that rain-driven floods in Nigeria had claimed hundreds of lives in recent months.

"Can adaptation fund pay for that? Can adaptation fund pay for the infrastructure destroyed, or the farms that have been destroyed, means of livelihood of people that have been destroyed. It cannot pay for that,” said John Baaki, deputy executive director of the Women's Environmental Programme.