Protesters Clash With Police in Athens After Train Crash Vigil

A vigil and protest were held in Athens on March 1, after a train collision near Larissa the night before killed at least 46 people, with clashes reported between police and some of those in attendance.

Footage by Surmak Alyona shows protesters near Athens’s central Syntagma Square. Local media reported clashes nearby, at the headquarters of Hellenic Train.

A spokesman for the Greek fire service, Vasilios Vathrakogiannis, said at least 46 people died when a passenger train collided with a freight train, with the number of fatalities expected to rise.

According to data from Hellenic Train, there were 342 passengers and 10 staff on the passenger train, Vathrakogiannis said, while the freight train was carrying two staff members.

A 59-year-old station master was arrested by the Larissa Traffic Department as part of a preliminary investigation regarding the collision, authorities said. Credit: Surmak Alyona via Storyful

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