Protesters Claim Their Ballots Were Invalidated in Arizona's Maricopa County

Pro-Trump protesters gathered in front of the Maricopa County Elections Department building in Phoenix, Arizona, on November 4, with some claiming their ballots had been invalidated.

A video making a false claim that ballots marked with sharpies would not be counted in Maricopa County went viral online on November 4. The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office confirmed that using the markers would not invalidate votes.

This footage was recorded by Dante DiFilippo, who told Storyful he spoke to people in the crowd who believed their votes were invalidated because they used sharpies. In the video, DiFilippo asks people to raise their hands if their votes were invalidated. Several people are seen raising their hands.

Protesters gathered outside the building for several hours, chanting “Count the votes!” and “Let us in!” as police kept them outside the building. Credit: Dante DiFilippo via Storyful