Protesters Barricade Roads and Light Fires During Eviction Demonstration in Nairobi

Residents in a district in the north of Nairobi, Kenya, barricaded roads and lit fires on May 8 in protest against evictions in the area earlier in the week, The Star reported.

This video shows burning tires on Outer Ring Road, which runs through the Kariobangi North district.

According to reports, over 7,000 people were left homeless as a result of the evictions on May 4 from land that was reported to belong to Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company.

On May 7, the Kenyan branch of "Amnesty International released a statement condemning the “unlawful demolition and forced evictions of nearly 7,000 families,” and called on the government to desist from further evictions in the area. Credit: Lewakas via Storyful