Protesters Arrested in Memphis Over Incident Involving Attorney General Barr's Motorcade

Two protesters were arrested and charged with misdemeanors after allegedly blocking Attorney General William P. Barr’s motorcade in Memphis, Tennessee, on Wednesday, October 21.

AG Barr was in Memphis to deliver remarks on Operation Legend at the Memphis Police Department Ridgeway Station.

Reports said that protesters were intentionally blocking Barr’s motorcade as he left the Memphis police station. Local Memphis activist Hunter Demster shared this footage of his arrest.

Demster and one other protester were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, inciting a riot, blocking a passageway, and failure to obey traffic orders – all misdemeanors in Tennessee reports said.

In the footage, Demster is heard asking the officers, “What are you arresting me for? What did I do?” Credit: Hunter Demster via Storyful