Protesters Link Arms to Block Vehicles From Entering or Exiting Newark ICE Site

Protesters from Cosecha Movement and Never Again Action blocked vehicles from entering or exiting a Homeland Security Investigations site in Newark, New Jersey, on July 20.

Protesters gathered to oppose the detention of migrant people and demanded that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement release detainees rather than transfer them, Cosecha Movement said in a press release.

“While grassroots pressure forced Essex County to announce in April it was ending its contract with ICE, advocates are seeing detainees be transferred rather than released. Bergen and Hudson County Jails are facing similar pressure and people statewide have organized to introduce and pass a bill that bans future ICE contracts, yet advocates fear transfers will continue and are demanding the release of all people in detention in New Jersey and across the country,” the organization said.

Video filmed by Cosecha Movement shows protesters with their arms chained together obstructing the entrance and exit of the facility, blocking vehicles from passing through. Credit: Cosecha Movement via Storyful

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