Protester Leaps in Front of PM Johnson's Car Outside Parliament, Causing Collision

A vehicle carrying UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was involved in a collision with one of the security vehicles in its motorcade outside parliament on June 17.

Sky News quoted a Downing Street spokesperson as saying Johnson was in the car at the time of the collision. No injuries were reported.

The collision occured when an activist protesting against Turkish military action against Kurdish regions in the Middle East leapt in front of the motorcade. Elif Sarican, the protester who took this video, told Storyful, “The Turkish army are indiscriminately bombing and the Kurdish community are protesting the UK government’s complicity, especially with their arms trade with the Turkish government.”

Turkey said on Wednesday that it had moved troops into northern Iraq to battle Kurdish rebels, just days after it began an aerial bombardment of what it described as Kurdish military positions in the region.

The protester was detained by police after the incident, as seen in the footage here. Credit: Elif Sarican via Storyful