Protect your personal information with this clever slim wallet

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Protect your personal information with this clever slim wallet. (POWR)
Protect your personal information with this clever slim wallet. (POWR)

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We're finally allowed out to restaurants and into shops again – and it's time to upgrade your wallet. Especially now, when cashless transactions are often requested, you might find that paring down your bag or pocket contents with something sleeker and neater makes life simpler. 

Amazon's number one best-selling Men's Credit Card Holder at the moment isn't only significantly slimmer than a traditional wallet, but also has a clever function that keeps your personal data extra-safe.

The POWR Card Holder Wallet also costs just £9.99, and looks stylish, too. Plus, it has thousands of five-star reviews to back it up. Here's everything you need to know: 

Why we rate it:

For starters, it's lightweight and slimline, so much easier to carry with you than a paper-stuffed wallet, and fits nicely into trouser pockets. It's also made from aircraft-grade aluminium construction, so there's no chance your cards will be getting damaged anytime soon. 

It can hold up to seven cards, each of which is held safely in place until released, with the wallets unique ejector system - so you never have to worry about one slipping out (because, is there any worse feeling than getting to the front of a queue at the pub to find your bank card has gone?).

But, the real protection comes from the wallet's radio-frequency identification-blocking (RFID) feature, which helps to keep your accounts safe from getting hacked and block RFID signals from stealing your card information, driver's license details and any other personal data in your wallet that has an embedded RFID chip.

Plus, it also comes with a money clip, which means you can keep notes safe and together with your cards - all for under £10. 

What the reviews say:

With thousands of five-star reviews, customers love it for its functionality, security and style.

  • "Been looking for one of these anti-RFID cardholders for a while and this one does the job very well! The sliding mechanism is very easy to use and I can fit up to 7 cards inside which is more than enough for any day-to-day use. Comes beautifully packaged and is very sleek and professional looking. Would recommend!"

  • "The build quality is fantastic, and it looks great too, I especially like the card ejection system which brings all your cards up just enough to remove them, but also layers them so you can see which card is which."

  • "Very please with this little item. It's robust and well made. I've been using it as my wallet for two weeks or so now without a hitch."

  • "I've had a few RFID card holders and like this one best so far. Feels like a quality design and fits nicely in my pocket. It's an improvement on my old leather one as, being more flimsy, the cards got damaged in it and I had to keep getting them reissued. No chance of that with this design. The cards are very well protected. I like the ejection mechanism and think overall it's a well designed item. I'd definitely recommend it to others."

  • "For the money at £10 compared to one my son has at £75 there is no real difference I can tell in quality, durability or overall value. It does the job, accepts enough cards for me, easy to get them out and holds them very firmly within."

  • "This gadget takes six cards, and they sit in the device and pop out when you slide the slider on the bottom. The slider goes back into its home position when you collectively press the cards back in. In this current Covid-19 cashless-preferred situation it is perfect, and in my case, completely replaces my previous neat but nonetheless lump of a wallet."

Buy it: POWR Card Holder Wallet | £9.99 from Amazon

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