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The iMaxAlarm easily clips to a purse or key ring. (Photo: The Grommet)

As a city girl, I’ve been meaning to get a personal alarm forever. I’m often walking the streets alone at night, and riding the subway can definitely get dicey. I wanted to find an alarm that I was sure wouldn’t activate by accident (ugh, nightmare) and that was lightweight enough to not weigh me down. I also didn’t want to pay more than 20 bucks.

The iMax has great reviews and the price was right, so I ordered it immediately. When I took it out of the packaging I was shocked by its extremely light weight — barely there, really — and it was easy to put on my key ring thanks to the included carabiner. I love that it looks like a cute little key fob that discreetly lives on my keychain. The color is nice too—a very pretty metallic rose gold.

iMaxAlarm Personal Security Alarm

Wear the alarm around your neck or clip it to a purse or backpack. (Photo: The Grommet)

Shop it: $17,

The alarm comes pre-installed with batteries that last for 30 minutes when used and two-to-three years unused. The batteries are not replaceable, but for 17 bucks, I’m okay with that. To activate the alarm, you pull off the top; to stop the sound, simply reinsert. The idea is that the deafening sound will alert others, and hopefully deter an attacker, too.

As I left my apartment the next morning, I felt prepared and confident. This little gizmo was giving me peace of mind. I also felt a sense of control knowing that if I’m ever in a dangerous situation, I have an easy way to signal for help.

It’s perfect for all the walking I do around the streets of New York City. But I keep thinking of all the other places this thing is going to come in handy. When I camp upstate, I can use it in case a bear comes along — not that I’ve encountered one yet, but you never know.

iMaxAlarm Personal Security Alarm

iMaxAlarm. (Photo: The Grommet)

Shop it: $17,

I’ll bring it with me while going for a run, and if I ever get lost in the woods — a big fear of mine — I like knowing I have a better chance of not being stranded. All alone. In the cold. Just this past weekend, I brought my iMax with me as I hiked in the woods with friends. You can never be too careful!

I’m the mom of two young girls, and I figure that when they’re a bit older and start walking to and from school on their own I’ll clip alarms to their backpacks. Why not?

I can also see giving the iMax to an elderly person in case of an emergency like a fall. So many uses! So many colors! (In addition to my rose gold, there’s blue, yellow gold and black.)

Testing out the noise made me really nervous. After all, this little dude blasts a 130-decimal alarm — that’s like a jet taking off. Though I was scared to sound the alarm, I wanted to see how loud it really was—I had to know what I was dealing with here. I live in an apartment with neighbors literally above, below and to the sides of me. So I didn’t want to “alarm” anyone by setting it off but then again I didn’t want to do it on the street.

iMaxAlarm Personal Security Alarm

iMaxAlarm. (Photo: The Grommet)

Shop it: $17,

I put it under my pillow and pulled the top off. It’s LOUD. REALLY loud. Kind of like a crazy-high-decibel-vibrating-extremely-irritating noise that would drive someone insane to listen to for too long. It was so disturbing that I started shaking trying to get the top back in to stop the sound. It was easy enough. And then, ahhhh, the sound of silence.

I’m thrilled that I haven’t had to activate the alarm in real life, and hope that it never comes to that. But I feel better knowing that if I’m ever in a scary situation, this screeching siren has got my back.

Shop it: iMaxAlarm Personal Security Alarm, $17,

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