Prosecutor's office investigates execution of two unarmed Ukrainian POWs by Russians in Donetsk Oblast

The murder of a Ukrainian prisoner by the Russian occupiers
The murder of a Ukrainian prisoner by the Russian occupiers

An investigation into the recently posted video of the executionof two unarmed Ukrainian servicemen by Russian invaders near Klishchiyivka has been launched by the General Prosecutor's Office, according to its Feb. 9 press service report on Telegram.

The video, recorded by an enemy drone, shows a Russian army unit commander possibly ordering not to take prisoners during the Ukrainian army trenches storming.

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As a result, an unarmed Ukrainian prisoner was shot as he approached with his hands up, and another was killed by a grenade thrown into a dugout.

The killing of prisoners of war (POWs) is a gross violation of the Geneva Conventions and is considered a serious international crime.

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This is not the first time that Russian troops have shot Ukrainian POWs. In a similar incident Russian forces executed Ukrainian prisoners near Robotyne in Zaporizhzhya Oblast in December.

In early December, a video circulated on social media depicting two Russian military personnel shooting two surrendered Ukrainian soldiers with their hands held behind their heads. This was later confirmed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Preliminary findings from investigators place the execution in the vicinity of Stepove village in Pokrovsky district, Donetsk Oblast.

In early September, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin said that some 90% of Ukrainian POWs had been tortured, raped, threatened with sexual violence, or otherwise ill-treated.

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