Proposals To Develop Idle Land Are Welcome, Says Deputy Minister Of Energy and Natural Resources

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The Federal Government is open to proposals to develop idle land to drive the country’s economy.

According to Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Datuk Ali Biju, any party, whether government agencies, the private sector or even individuals can submit a proposal for the development of an idle land through the Federal Land Commission Office or the state government, reported Bernama.

Speaking in Parliament during the winding-up debate on the Supply Bill 2022, the deputy minister explained that while applications to develop such land under state government are welcome, they are subject to occupancy and rental considerations.

“State governments are ready to give a lease as this will generate economic activities,” he said as quoted by Bernama.

Idle plots of land are categorised as reserve land, owned land and government land.

For owned land which has been left idle, the right to develop such land is up to the owner of the property, with the agreement of the party interested in developing it, said the deputy minister.

“Customary and Malay reserve land are also categorised as owned land and their development, whether through rent or lease, is subject to existing laws,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government has also launched several programmes for graduates, like agriculture projects, to ensure food security and to promote business with the aim of optimising land use as well as improving Malaysia’s food production.

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