Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel Nod to "Yes Man" With Their Harry Potter-Themed Halloween Costumes

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Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott and actress Zooey Deschanel are absolute couple goals. These two had originally linked up during the fall of 2019 and we've been fawning over them ever since. But how did the paths of a Canadian reality TV contractor and L.A. actress and singer-songwriter cross? Surprisingly, with a little help from James Corden. Here's a look at their love story.

How It All Began: A Timeline of Zooey and Jonathan

August 2019: The couple met while filming Carpool Karaoke, where the Deschanel sisters were pitted against the Scott Brothers. The four seemed to have really hit it off, as both Zooey and Jonathan shared moments from the episode on Instagram, referring to each other as "friends." From that first moment, you could spy the pair getting just a little flirty, but as far as the public knew, Zooey was still married.

A source told People that the two became friends after the show "...and then started talking as friends and realized there was more to it." The source also noted that Zooey was drawn to Jonathan’s sense of humor, and that they bonded over their shared interests.

September 2019: News broke that Zooey had split from husband Jacob Pechenik, and that the two had allegedly been separated for a few months prior to announcing it (now it makes more sense why they sold their Manhattan Beach house over the summer). One week later, Zooey, 40, was spotted holding hands with Jonathan, 42.

October 2019: The pair attended Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. They posted the same group picture on Instagram, where Zooey can be seen snug in his arms. The morning after, Jacob Pechenik officially filed for divorce from Zooey, asking for joint legal and physical custody of their daughter, Elsie Otter, 5, and son Charlie Wolf, 3. He cited the date of separation as January 8, according to court papers obtained by Us Weekly.

November 2019: Jonathan and Zooey finally gave the people what they wanted: their first selfie together!

Also in November, Zooey placed her Manhattan Beach three-story home on the market for $5.975 million, according to Variety. She had purchased the home almost two years ago with her then-husband, Jacob Pechenik, for $5.6 million.

December 2019: The couple made their red carpet debut at the premiere of Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker at the El Capitan Theater. It was a double date with Jonathan's twin brother and Property Brothers co-host Drew Scott and his wife Linda Phan.

Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images

Jonathan and Zooey got into the holiday spirit by icing festive sugar cookies together. The cookies wore elf hats with their names iced on. They also were photographed posing with famous magician David Copperfield.

In the days leading up to Christmas, Jonathan teased a scene from the iconic Christmas movie Elf, where Zooey played Jovie. He put his own spin on the photo by inserting himself into the scene as Buddy the Elf, who played Jovie's love interest.

The couple ended 2019 on a strong note. "A truly Happy New Year with my sweetie," Zooey wrote on Instagram. Jonathan replied in the comments of the post (and this is the part where I cried) "New Years Resolution...continue being the kinda fella you deserve ❤️."

January 2020: The Property Brothers appeared on Today where Drew pointed out Jonathan's newfound smile. "See this smile? I haven't seen him smile like this in a very long time, and I think it's amazing to see him so happy."

March 2020: The couple self-isolated for a few months together in 2020. Jonathan shared a photo carousel to Instagram which depicted how the couple kept busy: "Zooey Deschanel and I have been playing games, making music, and of course doing puzzles," he wrote.

April 2020: Jonathan watched all of New Girl, the comedy series in which Zooey starred in from 2011 to 2018, for the first time ever. He revealed this during an episode of podcast At Home With Linda and Drew Scott. "True love is driving five hours only to see your love for one, or watching their whole show," he said.

August 2020: The couple celebrated the anniversary of meeting one another on Carpool Karaoke. Jonathan shared a sweet video montage of their most special moments. "Who would’ve known that exactly one year ago my life would change forever. When I count my blessings, I count you twice," he wrote.

October 2020: The couple stepped out together for an important cause— to vote. Since Jonathan is a Canadian native, this was his first time voting in the United States. "It really is a privilege that not everyone in the world has the ability to exercise. I am humbled and proud to be surrounded by a partner and loved ones who also cherish the importance of having your voice heard" he wrote, alongside a photo of him and Zooey. He includes the hashtag "#PleaseVote."

A few days later, they dressed up for Halloween in a Harry Potter-themed couple costume. While a Harry Potter and Hermoine Granger matching set is by no means unique, the sentiment behind Jonathan and Zooey's selection was special.

As a refresher, Zooey had starred in the 2008 comedy Yes Man (which you can stream on Netflix here). In the film, she and her co-star Jim Carrey dressed up as Hogwarts students to attend a Harry Potter-themed Halloween party... where they didn't exactly fit in. Now, Jonathan and Zooey brought the iconic and hilarious scene back to life with their witty choice of costumes.

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My favorite Halloween spell - Accio candy

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Well, it looks like these two are head-over-heels for each other! While we never expected the pair to link up, we love this relationship. Here are a few more reasons why we think Jonathan and Zooey are the perfect match.

They've Both Been Divorced Before

Sure, this probably isn't a highlight for either one of them, but their similar pasts means that they each have gone through some serious heartbreak that hopefully helped them see what they really want in a partner. Jonathan opened up about his divorce for the first time in the brothers' memoir It Takes Two: Our Story, noting that "The pain ended up outlasting the marriage." They tied the knot back in 2007 before he was famous. His next serious girlfriend was Jacinta Kuznetsov. They dated for two and a half years, calling it quits in 2018. At the time she was the development producer of Scott Brothers Entertainment.

Zooey, of course, separated from husband Jacob Pechenik in September after four years of marriage. They now share two kids together: Elsie, 4, and Charlie, 2. Deschanel was also married to Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard from 2009 to 2012.

They Both Love Dogs

Both Jonathan and Zooey have and love dogs. Zooey actually adopted her pups Dot and Zelda, who are sisters, in 2013 and shared the adorable story on The Ellen Show. Meanwhile, Jonathan is the dad to two pint-sized pups, Stewie and Gracie. While he grew up on a ranch in Canada surrounded by big dogs, he's had a change of heart and is now infatuated with littler furry friends. Regardless of size, he's just an avid dog lover all around. “I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs," he told PEOPLE in June. "How could you not love a creature that is always excited to see you?” TBH we agree, especially since research shows that owning a dog can make you healthier.

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Happy Valentines Day!!!

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They Both Can Sing

I think the world fell in love with Zooey's voice in Elf with her rendition of "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Zooey has got pipes for sure, and is also half of the indie musical duo She and Him. But Jonathan is no stranger to the recording studio either. The Scott Brothers have actually released three country songs on iTunes.

They’re Both Charming, Adorkable Goofballs

These two both have a bit of a dorky side, but in the best way possible. On an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Jonathan confirmed he's a magician and surprised the audience by making some dog treats vanish. He also noted that he can perform the classic bunny top hat trick, but in his version, he pulls his Chihuahua named Gracie out of the hat. And according to HGTV, he's even a member of the Academy of Magical Arts.

And Zooey, whose character on New Girl inspired an entire "adorkable" ad campaign, is nothing short of goofy and fun-loving. Although it was a scripted character she played on TV, we can't help but notice their similar style choices (headbands, colorful skirts, funky jewelry, etc.) and witty personalities. While Zooey seems a bit more confident than Jessica, she doesn't seem to stray far her leading role, personality-wise.

And it makes complete sense why Jonathan would chase after a quirky girl like Zooey. “I love to laugh," he told PEOPLE in June. "A sense of humor is really important." And I mean, if Zooey can't make him crack a smile, than honestly I don't know who can.

She Meets His Social Media Standards

This is a silly one, but like most of us, Jonathan insta-stalks his crush before going on dates with them. “If someone’s profile has more than 20 percent selfies, I won’t date them," he told PEOPLE. It's not a terrible rule! Luckily, Zooey's profile has few, if any, selfies. Instead, she's posting pictures touting her new company Lettuce Grow, which mails seedlings to subscribers so they can grow their own fresh produce easily at home. Honestly, a project I'm sure Jonathan would support.

Drew Approves of Zooey

It's always nice when your family actually likes the person you're dating, but it's even more important when you're deeply involved in a business with your sibling. Drew Scott has only kind words to say about Zooey so far. “[They’re] both amazing people, and I think it’s great,” he told US Weekly. He also mentioned that he and his wife, go on double dates with Zooey and Jonathan.

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