This progress-breaking Star Wars Jedi Survivor bug is forcing players to restart the game

 Cal Kestis and BD-1 in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
Cal Kestis and BD-1 in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

An unhappy Star Wars Jedi Survivor fan has taken to social media to share what they say is a "major game breaking bug".

In a message posted to the game's subreddit that has since been upvoted hundreds of times, u/Weird_Cantaloupe2757 reports that once you reach "the chamber of duality and ride the elevator out", you have to rest at a mediation site and save or, if you die before the next save point, you'll be sent back to the chamber where you'll be trapped indefinitely.

"If you die, it sends you back into the chamber, with no way to exit — fast travel is disabled at that meditation point, and the elevator will not open again! The only fix at that point is to start the game over," the player explains.

"I will be attempting to get a refund from Sony later on today — I don’t expect to get anywhere with that, but I at least need it on record with them that I want my money back for this game. Bad performance is one thing, but I literally can’t keep playing the game I paid $70 for, they need to actually finish making these things before releasing them."

They're not alone, either, and it seems to be affecting both PS5 and Xbox Series X players, too.

"This happened to me last night too, tried for 45 minutes to get out. I even noticed a spot where you can grapple to and I thought maybe that'll help. Nope," added another player. "The range of the ascension cable doesn't reach that far. So I just said f*ck it and started my game over, at least it didn't take long for me to get there but regardless, that shouldn't be happening and it makes me anxious when I progress in the game (again) will I encounter another game-breaking bug."

"Yup that happened to me. Luckily I was able to get back there in a couple of hours. Still super annoying, though," said another.

Earlier today, EA confirmed that it is "aware that Star Wars Jedi Survivor isn't performing to [its] standards" for PC players, and says it's an issue that's mostly affecting players with "high-end machines or certain specific configurations".

In a statement posted to the EA Star Wars Twitter, the Jedi team said it was committed to "fixing these issues as soon as possible", offering "thanks and apologies to any of [its] players experiencing these issues".

It's just of several issues currently plaguing the beleaguered title. So far, thousands of players who have left unhappy reviews on the game's Steam page, leading to a "mixed" aggregate score from all the reviews submitted thus far.

"It's the confidence to unabashedly lean on what's come before that lets Star Wars Jedi: Survivor become its own excellent version of something new," we wrote in the GamesRadar+ Star Wars Jedi Survivor review.

"Respawn pushes slowly at the edges of Fallen Order to expand its take on this world, doing so with an obvious love and respect not only for its source material, but its characters. Where it over-reaches, it does so out of an ambition so apparent that it leaps off the screen, but always manages to ground itself in a beautifully human story. In allowing Cal Kestis' story to grow with him, Jedi: Survivor establishes what could be the next great Star Wars hero, and is certainly one of the best Star Wars games out there."

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