Pro-Trump Caravan Stops Along New Jersey's Garden State Parkway

A pro-Trump caravan stopped along part of New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway on Sunday, November 1, as a show of support just days before the presidential election, local media reported.

Parades organized in support of the president were held in a number of states on Sunday, including in California and Colorado. A group of Trump supporters also slowed traffic along the Gov Mario M Cuomo Bridge in New York on Sunday, reports said.

Local media said demonstrators gathered in New York City with plans to protest the nearby pro-Trump caravan. Clashes broke out and several people were arrested when police reportedly asked demonstrators to clear the road.

This video was filmed by Jacqueline Anne, who said it shows her husband Brent Peterson driving on the Garden State Parkway through Middlesex County, New Jersey. The footage, posted on Sunday, shows multiple vehicles adorned with American flags and Trump banners stopped along the roadway.

“It appeared to be somewhat dangerous for those that didn’t want to be a part of this ‘rally,’” Peterson told Storyful. Credit: Jacqueline Anne via Storyful