Pro-Palestinian protesters spray red paint on Cambridge graduation building

 (PA Wire)
(PA Wire)

Pro-Palestinian protesters have sprayed red paint on a historic building at the University of Cambridge.

Students and members of the Palestine Action group on Saturday targeted Senate House, a building that has been used for graduation ceremonies since the 18th century.

The group said the action marked the end of an academic year “where the University of Cambridge has funded, enabled and normalised the ongoing Palestinian genocide”.

It has also accused the university of investing “in weapons companies and research partnerships enabling and normalising the UK/US-backed Palestinian genocide”.

A spokesman for the group said: “Uni administration sit in ivory towers, and don’t bat an eyelid at their involvement in the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

“The white pillars at Senate House prop up a legacy of white supremacy and colonialism, which continues to this day through investments in and partnerships with arms companies.

“Cambridge’s graduation hall is stained with the blood of Palestinians and now these stains have been made visible.”

A spokesman for the university said they strongly condemned “this act of vandalism”.

Students last month had their graduations at an alternative venue because of a pro-Palestinian sit-in outside Senate House.

Protesters had vowed to continue until a set of demands were met, and chanted: “Let your students graduate; come and negotiate.”

Cambridge University has previously said it would be “happy to talk with our students and engage with them” but it was “impossible to have a conversation with an anonymous group”.

It is one of many demonstrations to have been held at a UK university, with others held at Oxford, Edinburgh and Liverpool.

Students set up an encampment at the London School of Economics (LSE) on May 14 after a report alleged that LSE has invested £89 million in 137 companies involved in the conflict in Gaza, fossil fuels, the arms industry, or nuclear weapons production.

The university began legal action to remove the group earlier this month and a further hearing in the case will be held at a later date.