Pro-Palestine protesters heard during televised leaders’ election debate

Pro-Palestine protesters could be heard shouting and chanting from outside the televised leaders’ General Election debate at Nottingham Trent University.

The protesters marched outside the building as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer spoke.

Mishal Husain, the BBC presenter, confirmed to the audience that the demonstration was taking place.

She said the protest was an “aspect of our democracy”.

“If you can hear any noises, ladies and gentlemen or anyone at home, there is a protest taking place outside, which is also an aspect of our democracy and people exercising their freedom of speech,” Husain said.

Viewers at home were able to hear distant shouts, cheers, and even a megaphone.

Outside the building pro-Palestine protesters waved flags and held a banner that read: “Condemn apartheid, condemn terrorism.”

The protesters also chanted: “Free, free, Palestine.”