Priyanka Chopra on why her music career ‘lasted two seconds’

Priyanka Chopra has opened up about why her music career didn’t last long.

The 40-year-old actor, who released her first single “In My City” in 2012, has revealed the reason behind why she chose to move away from the music industry.

“[It’s] insane what musicians do,” Chopra told People. “I don’t know how they do it… tour life is really crazy. It’s so hectic.

“You have late nights, and early mornings, you’re travelling to a different city every day and you do it for three months.”

“That’s why my music career lasted two seconds,” she said. “I was not meant to do that. This rockstar life is... I admire it tremendously. It’s definitely not for the weak-hearted.”

Chopra also expressed appreciation for her husband Nick Jonas’s music career and commented on what it’s like to be a “tour wife”.

“The tour wife thing, it was the first time I was doing it for the Happiness Begins Tour and it was fun,” she said. “I love, love, love them on stage. They’re an incredible experience when you watch them live and I don’t get enough of it.”

In 2013, Chopra released “Exotic” in collaboration with rapper Pitbull.

 (Getty Images for John Varvatos)
(Getty Images for John Varvatos)

Soon after that, she jumped out of the music industry and began focusing on her acting projects.

Earlier this year, Jonas Brothers announced a new album and future tour.

“We are excited to announce today that our new album, The Album, will be coming out on 5 May. And we can’t wait to see you on tour later this year,” the trio consisting of Nick, Joe, and Kevin announced.

The forthcoming record marks their second since their 2019 comeback, which they celebrated with their Happiness Begins album release that year.