Princess Peach: Showtime! turns you into a swordsman and a kung-fu master

 Princess Peach Showtime
Princess Peach Showtime

We finally have a name, and a release date, for Princess Peach's upcoming game.

As revealed during the Nintendo Direct September 2023, the previously announced Princess Peach game is now called Princess Peach: Showtime! Unfortunately, the placeholder name of 'Princess Peach will star as the main character in a brand new game' didn't stick. The new name does suit the game, though, as it takes place in a theatre and will see Peach navigate her way through a variety of stage shows with a number of costume changes.

Not only did we get a brand new trailer for the upcoming platformer, but we also found out its release date - and it's not that far off! Princess Peach: Showtime! is set to release on March 22, 2024. If you just can't wait until then, you can pre-order the game from today (September 14) via the Nintendo eShop.

In the trailer above, we were introduced to the Sparkle Theatre - which is where the majority of the game's action is set to take place. After new Mario villains Wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch show up and cause havoc, it's up to Peach and the theatre guardian Stella to restore the theatre back to normal.

To do this, Peach will have to use the power of Stella's ribbon to fight enemies and overcome the obstacles on stage. Unfortunately, the ribbon isn't powerful enough to clear everything in her way so Peach will need to don a number of costumes that will give her unique abilities. This includes Swordfighter Peach, Detective Peach, Patisserie Peach, Kung Fu Peach, and more.

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