Princess Diana's gown is going up for auction

STORY: This purple velvet evening gown was

once a favorite of Princess Diana

It's expected to bring in up to $120,000

when it hits the auction block this month

(Cynthia Houlton, Global Head of Fashion and Accessories, Sotheby’s)

“This dress, designed by Victor Edelstein, is one of the most famous dresses. Also one of her most favorite dresses that she ever had.”

“The estimates are between $80,000 and $120,000 for this dress. The most recent comp for a Diana dress, a gown, was the famous Travolta dress, which was also designed by Victor Edelstein, and that went for $347,000 in 2019.”

The dress was worn by Diana

in a royal portrait in 1991

“She remains an icon that is regularly featured in biographies and movies over and over again. Certainly, recent news doesn't hurt the interest in Princess Diana, but I think ultimately she remains an icon and someone that people continue to want to tell stories about and understand her life. And so, I think the popularity or the interest in this dress is more based on her versus necessarily just recent, you know, other royal press.”