Princes Harry, William seen together in Windsor

STORY: There to mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth, the crowd outside Windsor Castle were surprised but delighted to see Prince Harry and his wife Meghan along with Prince William and wife Kate coming towards them.

Wearing all black and emerging from the same car, the four have not been spotted so closely together since Harry and Meghan gave up their royal titles to move to the United States, a move that strained relations between the sons of the new King Charles.

The invitation for the walkabout, which lasted about 40 minutes, was extended by William.

And while the two couples did not interact much as they read messages and shook hands with the thousands of people lining the Long Walk, the significance of the moment was not lost on the crowd.

“I think that really just sort of just draws a line under what’s happened historically and it’s a really strong sense of unity for the royal family and it was lovely to see.”

The sight of the two couples together will raise hopes that there has been a burying of old grievances following the death of their grandmother.