Prince William Spotted Selling Homeless Magazine in Central London

Prince William posed for pictures after he was spotted selling a homeless charity magazine in central London on June 8.

Images shared with Storyful by Vitalijus Zuikauskas show the prince in Westminster, wearing the uniform for homeless vendors who sell The Big Issue.

According to its website, The Big Issue is “a street paper and social enterprise, giving people who are experiencing homelessness or who are vulnerably housed a hand up” by selling issues of the magazine.

Zuikauskas told Storyful he was visiting the UK for Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee. He said: “After the big weekend, walking down the street and seeing the prince selling The Big Issue, I didn’t believe it. But after seeing a few photographers around, I realized it was real.”

“He was really very kind and agreed to take a picture without any problems. It was a huge and pleasant surprise for me and the most memorable memory from London,” he said. Credit: Vitalijus Zuikauskas via Storyful

Video transcript


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