Prince William certainly did not expect a child's hilarious response when they asked how old he is - 'I'm not that old'

 Prince william.
Prince william.

In a funny encounter, Prince William asked a child in a crowd how old he thinks he is - and the Prince was not pleased with the child's hilarious response.

While in Scotland recently, Prince William was walking around and taking questions from schoolchildren, engaging with the youngsters as part of his royal visit. He asked a child to guess his age - and as kids often do, the youngster gave a rather hilarious response, guessing that the Prince was 57 years old.

Any adult knows that this particular question - "How old do you think I am?" - will immediately make you regret asking the question in the first place.

Nevertheless, Prince William insisted the child give a guess - and he was only 16 years off. Reportedly, "the heir to the throne looked shocked and revealed his real age."

"I’m not that old," the Prince reportedly replied to the child.

Prince William's work with Earthshot Prize has been hailed as 'game-changing'
Prince William's work with Earthshot Prize has been hailed as 'game-changing'

According to The Mirror, The Prince and Princess visited Burghead primary school in Moray while in Scotland, which is where this hilarious encounter occurred. While visiting the school, the Prince got asked other rather sweet questions from the school children, including a query regarding whether the Prince brought any soldiers of the King’s Guard with him on the visit - to which, of course, the answer was no.

"While the prince fielded unflattering questions about his aging appearance, the Princess of Wales volunteered to time a bike race between some of the other children," The Mirror also reported.

This isn't the only time, however, Prince William and Princess Kate have been asked by youngsters about their ages. In fact, back in June of 2023, Princess Kate answered a young fan who asked her how old she was, and sweetly said, "I’m 41. Don’t tell anyone."

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