Prince Harry wants to be reincarnated as an elephant: His 15 answers to Stephen Colbert’s questions

The Duke of Sussex surprised viewers of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when he turned up for the “Colbert Questionert” segment of the TV show on Tuesday night (28 February).

In a rare public appearance, Prince Harry answered 15 questions from Colbert that the host has previously asked other celebrity guests.

It marked his first TV interview since a recent episode of South Park mocked him and Meghan Markle.

The episode was titled “The World-Wide Privacy Tour”, and while it did not mention their names, it featured a red-headed prince and his wife that resemble the couple.

Harry joins other famous figures who have been interviewed in the Colbert Questionert segment, including Michelle Obama, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock and Daniel Craig.

Here are all the duke’s answers to the 15 questions he was asked.

What is the best sandwich?

Harry’s answer: “A cheese and ham toastie with Dijon mustard on top.”

Asked to clarify what a toastie is, Colbert asked: “[In] a panini press?”

Harry agreed and added: “I have to be careful with the questions because [of] the Americanisms, it’s very different. It got me and my wife into a little trouble.”

Colbert chimed in and said: “The word ‘fanny’ is the one that’s most upsetting.”

What is one thing you own that you should really throw out?

Harry’s answer: “Ripped boxer shorts.”

The host asked why he still owns boxer shorts in bad shape, to which the duke replied: “I don’t want to let them go.”

What is the scariest animal?

Harry’s answer: “The scariest animal to me is a snake… Snakes can get anywhere.”

Apples or oranges?

Harry’s answer: “Oranges, duh.”


Colbert joked: “There’s something cannibalistic about that”, referring the prince’s ginger hair. Harry joked back: “If we bite you, you get gingivitis.”

Have you ever asked someone for their autograph?

Harry’s answer: “Yes. The rugby team in 2003, at the World Cup Final, after a few drinks. I was walking around going, ‘Jonny, Jonny, Mike, Mike [gestures holding out his T-shirt]’. They were all standing there naked, but I got all 15 signatures.”

England won the 2003 Rugby World Cup, with a team that included Mike Tindall – who is the husband of Zara Tindall, the Princess Royal’s daughter – and Jonny Wilkinson.

What do you think happens when we die?

Harry’s answer: “I think we become animals.”

He added that he would like to come back as an elephant after he dies.

Favourite action movie?

Harry’s answer: Gladiator.

Window or aisle [seat on a plane]?

Harry’s answer: “Cockpit.”

Favourite smell?

Harry’s answer: “My wife.”

Least favourite smell?

Harry’s answer: After a long pause and a deep breath in through his nose, the prince points at Colbert in answer to his question.

Colbert pretended to sniff his armpits as he smiled at the joke.

Most used app on your phone?

Harry’s answer: “For me, generally, Better Up.”

He explained that the app is a “coaching platform, which I am part of”, adding: “The quickest access to health coaching.”

Cats or dogs?

Harry’s answer: “Dogs, obviously. Cats, [gestures claws].”

You get one song to listen to for the rest of your life. What is it?

Harry’s answer: “‘Love Gets Sweeter Every Day’ by Finley Quaye.”

When Colbert said he was unfamiliar with the song, Harry replied: “You need more love in you life.”

“I can’t possibly have more love in my life. Have you met my wife?” Colbert asked, to which Harry said: “Yes, we met earlier. I have dinner plans with your wife.”

The TV personality said his wife was a big fan of the royal family, and added: “I’ve got no hostility against you guys… A little. No hostility because you took my family’s land back in Ireland. I am over it. I am over it.”

“It doesn’t sound like you are,” Harry replied. “I’m very sorry.”

What number am I thinking of?

Harry’s answer: “One.”

Colbert said he was not thinking of the number one. Harry then asked: “Hang on a second, are these the same questions you ask everybody else?”

After confirming that every guest on the segment gets asked the same question, the duke asked if anyone had ever gotten that particular question right.

“Why would I tell you? You got it wrong,” Colbert said.

Describe the rest of your life in five words.

Harry’s answer: “Freedom. Happiness. Clarity. Space. Love.”