Prince Charles advocates clean energy at COP15

"I would like to applaud the recent commitments by many world leaders to end the investments in coal fired power stations as a critical step. And as we rapidly scale up renewables and hydrogen, it is essential that in the meantime we deploy the latest carbon capture, use and storage technology in order to help us buy precious time by capturing harmful emissions until a full transition is possible," Prince Charles said via a video message.

At the same summit, which is officially being held in Kunming, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the launch of a 1.5 billion yuan ($232.47 million) fund to support biodiversity protection in developing countries, as talks continue on a new post-2020 global pact to tackle species loss.

The first round of the "COP15" talks on biodiversity will last from Oct. 11 to Oct. 15. A post-2020 biodiversity pact is expected to be finalised during the second round in April-May next year.

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