Prince Andrew Is Reportedly Moving to Frogmore Cottage

King Charles is reportedly rearranging housing arrangement for various members of his family. According to the Sun, Charles "offered" Prince Andrew the keys to Frogmore Cottage, which was previously the home of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The two were gifted the home by Queen Elizabeth, and refurbished the property through the Sovereign Grant, though subsequently repaid the cost.

After news broke, a spokesperson for Prince Harry and Meghan confirmed that "the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been requested to vacate their residence at Frogmore Cottage."

The British tabloid reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex "are now drawing up plans to remove their belongings from the five-bed house and ship everything to Montecito, California." Yet, a profile of Meghan in New York Magazine from August 2022 said when Meghan and Harry returned to the UK for Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubliee weekend, they packed up their former home—so it's unclear what "belongings" the Sun references are still there.

Allison Davis wrote, "While there, Meghan had quietly seen to more personal matters, slipping back into their former residence, Frogmore Cottage, to pack up their belongings." Meghan told Davis, "You go back and you open drawers and you’re like, Oh my gosh. This is what I was writing in my journal there? And here’s all my socks from this time?" The Duchess also shared it was "surreal" to return to Frogmore.

Previously, it was shared that the Sussexes would be keeping Frogmore Cottage as a UK residence "so that their family will always have a place to call home in the United Kingdom." Buckingham Palace, too, said, Frogmore Cottage "will remain their UK family home." However, that seems to no longer be the case as Harry and Meghan seem to be full-time in Montecito, California.

"Home for me, now, for the time being, in the States," Prince Harry told Hoda Kotb last year. "We’ve been welcomed with open arms" in California, he said, saying they have "a great community up in Santa Barbara."

Prince Andrew currently lives in the Royal Lodge in Windsor, a large 31-bedroom mansion where he's resided since 2002. Andrew stepped down as a working royal in 2019 after an interview he gave surrounding allegations that he had sexually assaulted Virginia Giuffre. He paid her an undisclosed settlement in February 2022 after she filed a civil suit in the United States. Reports in recent weeks suggest that King Charles is cutting Andrew's annual grant, "which could leave him unable to afford his home's running costs," per the BBC.

Buckingham Palace has not commented on the reports about Frogmore Cottage; Town & Country understands the housing is understood as a private family matter.

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