Primatologist Jane Goodall gets own Barbie doll

STORY: (Jane Goodall, Primatologist)

"Girls don't want just to be film stars and things like that; but many of them, like me, want to be out in nature studying animals. And so a Barbie doll who's Jane is a super idea."

Mattel has unveiled a Jane Goodall Barbie doll

fulfilling a longtime wish of having her own doll to inspire young girls

Courtesy: Jane Goodall Institute

"I must say that when I first saw the Barbie doll - I loved all the binoculars and the little notebook, and David Greybeard, and I thought this is going to be so wonderful for so many little girls."

The doll is made from recycled plastic

as part of toymaker Mattel’s ‘Inspiring Women Series’

"When I was growing up you know there weren't any female role models. I was helped by a mother who supported my dream, but my heroes, my models, were Tarzan, and Dr Dolittle. There weren't women doing the kind of things I wanted to do."

"So if you want to do things to help the planet, you can choose something to do that you're passionate about. But if you don't really have any idea as to what's a useful thing, you can use less plastic; you can avoid products with palm oil; you can go for a walk in nature, learn to love it and then protect it."

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