Your Pride Month Horoscope for 2024, According to Your Zodiac Sign

'We will be eager to connect with many people, share ideas, flirt and play,' resident astrologer Kyle Thomas says of what to expect from Pride Month this year

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PEOPLE's Pride Month Horoscopes 2024

Pride Month is here, a time that commemorates and celebrates LGBTQ+ activism and culture through the years since the Stonewall Uprising in June 1969.

While this is a time to celebrate love, individuality and the beauty of authenticity, PEOPLE's resident astrologer Kyle Thomas points out "key points" that will affect us all astrologically and energetically during this festive and social month.

"We will be eager to connect with many people, share ideas, flirt and play," he says, due to the following planets residing in Gemini: Jupiter (the planet of luck), Mercury (the planet of the mind and communication), Venus (the planet of relationships) and the Sun (the ruler of our life force).

The new moon in Gemini on June 6 "will further amplify Gemini energy" because the zodiac sign's energy is "extroverted, excitable and curious about people, life and the world." This will be especially exciting when dating, making us "eager to spice it up" and "have fun!"

Pluto (the planet of power) will be in Aquarius at this time, which Thomas says "will bring a great focus on how we organize in communities, fight for civil rights and embrace our individuality and opinions." He adds, "This will encourage us to use Pride Month to fight for what we believe in."

Read on for what Pride Months means for your zodiac sign, according to Kyle Thomas' readings!

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Aries (March 21-April 19)


This year’s Pride Month could be "one of your most social ones yet," Aries!

Thomas predicts you'll notice "more opportunities than usual" to connect with close friends, neighbors, siblings and others "who share similar ideas" with you. In fact, he says you might even find yourself meeting people who "fascinate you and open up your mind" as a result.

This year’s Pride Month is also "an excellent time" to travel — regardless of the distance — because you could meet some "magnificent people," Thomas puts forth. "New love will likely be found out and about or through friends."

Mars (the planet of sex) will be in your zodiac sign until June 9, so Thomas suggests you "take charge and radiate your sex appeal" early in the month.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)


Prepare to feel the urge to splurge, Taurus! This Pride Month will have you feeling ultra generous to yourself and others throughout June.

"This could be a very hedonistic and indulgent time!" predicts Thomas. "Your income and wealth may be on the uptick, so it’s likely you’ll want to show off a bit more now." He says it could be in the form of a "hot new outfit" — or rather, "picking up the tab at a lavish restaurant."

The best news? Thomas says Mars (the planet of fire) will ignite in your zodiac sign after June 9 for weeks ahead. "Everyone will see you as the sexiest zodiac sign of all, especially when you take the lead and assert yourself," he explains.

"The second half of the month will bring more opportunities to travel," Thomas adds, "So consider hitting up a special event beyond just your city of residence." Love could blossom out and about!

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Gemini (May 21-June 20)


Gemini, get ready to feel lucky in many ways! Jupiter is dancing through your zodiac sign, a time which Thomas advises to "dream big" about what you'd like your Pride Month to look like so you can work towards "seizing" it!

"You’ll find your entire month is filled with dazzling opportunities to make beautiful memories, grow closer with those who you love and meet many new people," says Thomas. "You’ll be especially social in the first half of the month and after the new moon on June 6."

The full moon on June 21 will "ignite your libido," he notes, "So you could find that the week surrounding the lunation might crank up the heat in your sex and intimate life."

Cancer (June 21-July 22)


Good news is on the horizon, Cancer! "While you may notice you have a deeper desire to lie low, relax and chill more than other years," Thomas says "you also have a ton of cosmic energy telling you to get out and about" this Pride Month.

Mars (the planet of energy) heats up your sector of friendship for weeks after June 9, which he says may "ensure tons of invites and celebrations on your calendar." He considers this "an excellent period" to get busy lining up suitors through friends, an app or a matchmaker.

With Venus (the planet of attraction) spinning into your zodiac sign for the weeks after June 17 and the sun bringing you more power with birthday season arriving after June 20, Thomas says "popularity" will find you as a result.

The full moon will be in your sector of relationships on June 21, so Thomas says "you’re going to have "an opportunity to meet someone with long-term potential." Even if you're not in a relationship, you may make "long-term plans with a sweetheart," he puts forth.

The full moon might also have you and your partner choosing to go your separate ways. If that's the case, Thomas ensures "you're being redirected to someone better."

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)


Thomas predicts this year’s Pride Month could be "one of your favorites in nearly a decade," Leo! "You're going to be one of the most popular zodiac signs of all with so much celestial energy in your favor," he says.

"Not only will there be a never-ending stream of invites coming your way, but you’ll notice that your friendships and social circle are growing magnificently, Thomas notes. If you're single, he says you "could find an acquaintance or friend" that may evolve into a lover.

"If you’ve had a crush on someone, go for it!" he advises. "There's also a blaze of energy this month that shows you could be jumping into a power couple or gaining more attention as people consider you cooler than ever."

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Virgo (Aug. 23- Sept. 22)


Get ready for a fun and festive Pride Month, Virgo! "This could be a big month for sex, romance and popularity," predicts Thomas.

Mars (the planet of fire) will be "cranking up the heat in your sex life" until June 9, he says. "While this will most likely affect Virgos in committed relationships more, you’ll be channeling the urge to merge."

After June 9, Thomas says "there's more emphasis on dating outside of your normal type." If you can travel this month, he predicts "you’ll have an eye-opening time."

Planets will start "energizing your social sector" in the middle of June, so Thomas says to "get ready to be partying it up!" He adds, "New love could come from your network or online dating."

A full moon will reside in your "passion zone" on June 21, which Thomas says "could help you to fall in love, meet someone who lights your heart on fire or decide you’re ready to leave a sweetheart in the dust in the week surrounding it."

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)


Prepare to fly high this Pride Month, Libra! Thomas says June "will be filled with so many opportunities for adventure" because most of the planets "are pushing you to step outside of your comfort zone, try new things, meet different kinds of people or travel."

If either of those possibilities comes to fruition, Thomas says "you may find yourself deeply in love with life more than ever before." He advises you to take some chances this Pride Month and consider "dating outside of your typical type;" and rather, opt for those who "fascinate your mind and spirit."

After June 9, Thomas predicts you’ll notice "your libido is going to soar through the roof" and you’ll "be ravenous for intimacy in the weeks ahead." He adds, "Get deep, sexy and vulnerable."

The full moon on June 21 could 'highlight your domestic life in the week surrounding it." Thomas notes. For instance, he says "you could decide to host a party, pre-game or BBQ at your house."

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)


Thomas predicts this year's Pride Month "could make your sex life sizzle brighter than it has in over a decade," Scorpio! "You'll want to feel the depth of love and intimacy in your body, heart and soul."

Your sector of partnership "is filled with energy" due to Mars "igniting this zone for weeks after June 9," says Thomas. If single, he says you'll have "more opportunities to find someone with long-term potential. If committed, he says you "may find you're making long-term plans."

Near the full moon on June 21, Thomas predicts "opportunities for love" may arise through travel. If you’ve had your eye on a friend or neighbor, he says "they could be open to more flirtation around the lunation."

Sagittarius (Nov. 21-Dec. 21)


While you often fly solo, Sagittarius, Thomas predicts this year’s Pride Month could have you switching up your approach. "Partnerships and significant relationships are more prominent and accented than they have been in over a decade," he explains.

If single and ready to mingle, Thomas says this could be the month you meet a partner with "long-term potential" — or perhaps, even find "your forever match!" If in a committed relationship, he says you may make "long-term plans together."

Thomas adds, "Intimacy will be even more sensual in the weeks following June 17."

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)


Work hard, play harder, Capricorn! Thomas says "it’s clear you’re going to be immensely busy this Pride Month," but you’ll still have "plenty of cosmic energy on your side for fun and union."

This will become "especially noticeable" after Mars (the planet of sex) ignites your passion zone for weeks after June 9, notes Thomas. "This often reveals you’ll have an extremely active and sexy romantic life."

Elsewhere in his prediction, Thomas puts forth creative energy in those who are artist or performers. "You'll be absolutely brilliant and magnetic this month, too!"

The full moon on June 21 resides in your zodiac sign, which Thomas says "will thrust you into the spotlight in the week surrounding it." He adds, "An important partnership may be on your mind near this time, but you’ll also notice that all eyes are on you then too."

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)


Thomas says "romance, passion, fun, hobbies, games and joy are spot lit for you more than they have been in a decade," Aquarius! "You're in one of the rarest Pride Months of all," he says.

When it comes to dating, true love, expression and adventure, Thomas says there's "so much cosmic power on your side" This will remind you to "follow your heart" and "not settle" for just anybody.

If you're single, Thomas predicts you'll have "more luck on your side to find your one true love."

Elsewhere in his prediction this month, he says "an emphasis on your home and domestic" may arise after June 9, so you "could be having important discussions with family — or rather, hosting events for friends and acquaintances."

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)


Luck is on your side this Pride Month, Pisces! "You’ll be getting a little splash of many different things," notes Thomas.

First, with many planets in your domestic zone, much emphasis is placed on your home, family and the past. "You could be having important discussions with your kindred, hosting events at your place or moving or renovating," he says. "Perfect timing for a housewarming!"

After June 9, Thomas predicts Mars "will be firing up your social life" with close friends, siblings or neighbors. "You’ll have a fire in you to travel to nearby events or cities, too, perhaps prompting a romance."

After June 17, Venus (the planet of attraction) "will heat up your love life," says Thomas. "If single, get on the prowl!"

Lastly, the full moon June 21 resides in your friendship sector. "You could have a major moment with a pal, turn an acquaintance into a lover or instead attend a glamorous and wild event in the week that surrounds the lunation."

Kyle Thomas — who's known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives and prominent influencers — is a celebrity astrologer who writes PEOPLE's weekly horoscopes. Learn more about him here!

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