Pricey dowry? For this Malaysian couple — fried chicken seals the deal

Sylvia Looi
The unusual gift, also doubled up as a meal after the engagement ceremony. — Twitter/ayuyuyuyuuu

KUALA LUMPUR, July 11 — For a Malaysian couple, their engagement was stress-free when it came to deciding the ‘hantaran’ or gifts.

Forget extravagance and opulence.

A young lady by the name of Ayu had a rather unusual request for her now husband-to-be, for their engagement ceremony.

Posting on Twitter via her handle @ayuyuyuyuuu, she said she had initially specified food in general.

Apart from the sirih junjung and engagement ring – fruits, cupcakes and chocolates made up for four of the five dulang hantaran or dowry trays.

“He didn’t know what to send for the last tray,” she tweeted.



Citing her love for fried chicken, Ayu asked her fiance if he was fine with the request, to which he agreed.

“He was only worried who would make a run to buy the chicken. I told him if it was difficult, gift something else and he kept quiet until the day itself.

“I did not expect he would actually send KFC as a dowry,” she added, attaching a picture of the gifts.



Amused at the effort of her fiance, she said she was excited when she saw the box, after thinking her fiance would ‘chicken’ out.

Ayu laughed, recalling guests remarking on the scent 11 herbs and spices – and added while the chicken was cold by the end of it, it made for full stomachs after the engagement ceremony was over.

The tweet, which has been met with much hilarity from Twitter users has since been retweeted more than 7,600 times and liked more than 7,100 times.

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