Prices of COVID-19 protective gear leave poor people in tough spot

New Delhi [India], Mar 27 (ANI): With demand up for face masks and hand sanitisers, in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak these items have also become pricier according to vegetable sellers in Ghazipur Sabzi mandi.

These sellers say while they have a hard time running their business, they are also facing difficulty in buying the gear that can protect them from getting infected.

"The poor people are able to neither buy face masks nor hand sanitisers. The surgical masks which earlier could be bought at Rs 10 are now priced at Rs 20. Similarly, the hand sanitisers which were earlier priced at Rs 40-50 is now Rs 150," said Chaman Rehman, a wholesale dealer at the Ghazipur Mandi.

He also said that the Central Government should look into the hike in prices of the COVID-19 protective gear as "the poor people cannot afford to buy high-cost face masks and hand sanitisers." (ANI)