Pretty Little Liars Star Wishes Alison and Emily Never Divorced — Could a Reboot Cameo Make Things Right?

Sasha Pieterse will always have fond memories of her days in Rosewood, but there’s one piece of Pretty Little Liars herstory that she’d gladly rewrite if given the chance.

Like many fans of the ABC Family-turned-Freeform drama, Pieterse is still unhappy that her character, iconic reformed bad girl Alison DiLaurentis, wound up getting divorced in the series’ short-lived spinoff. Viewers spent seven seasons ‘shipping Alison and Emily (Shay Mitchell), and their patience was rewarded when the series ended with #Emison in a seemingly happy marriage. So imagine their surprise when the first episode of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, which aired for just 10 episodes in 2019, revealed that Emily and Alison had decided to go their separate ways.

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Pieterse tells TV Insider that she was “super bummed with that storyline,” adding that she would have rather seen Alison and Emily “being together and being such a good family. … Because of everything that they had gone through, it would never be that easy to separate. … It would be worth it to work through things. They had two beautiful kids, so that storyline made me sad.”

Speaking of #Emison’s kiddos, Pieterse has another bone to pick with the spinoff: “All of a sudden, Alison was a terrible mother,” she points out. “We never showed her FaceTiming her kids and saying goodnight. I was like, ‘What?’ But it is what it is.”

Or is it what it is? Pieterse “would definitely say yes to a cameo” on Max’s Pretty Little Liars reboot, which is set in the same universe as the original series; the first season included references to multiple legacy characters, while Season 2 welcomed back Annabeth Gish in the role of Dr. Anne Sullivan.

Think about it: All it would take from Alison is a single mention of her wife Emily to set things right. And doesn’t the show kind of owe it to us after that whole #Ezria switcheroo? (Just saying.)

Are you hoping to see Alison visit Millwood in a potential third season of the new Pretty Little Liars? And are you also still upset about Emily and Alison’s off-screen split? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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