Pretty Little Liars’ Key Suspect Speaks: Is [Spoiler] Behind Bloody Rose?

Et tu, Dr. Sullivan? The fifth episode of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, now streaming on Max, confirms the girls’ suspicions about their smooth-talking therapist — one that bumps her to the top of their suspect list.

Following last week’s bombshell that Dr. Sullivan treated Rose Waters, it was also revealed that the good (or not-so-good) doc has been keeping detailed records of her sessions with the girls. Annabeth Gish’s character is apparently writing a book about adolescent survivors of traumatic events, for which she’s also using information she acquired while treating the original Liars back in the day. (Did you catch Hanna, Spencer and Emily’s names in those files they were looking at?)

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Fans have always raised a collective eyebrow in Dr. Sullivan’s general direction, so not everyone will be surprised to learn that she’s harboring a few secrets of her own. Still, this is official confirmation that she’s not to be trusted, and Gish is loving her character’s dark turn.

“Usually therapists are therapists because they’re processing their own trauma,” Gish tells TVLine. “And I think anyone in a horror flick is a suspect, yet you as an actor can’t ever play that. You have to hold true to your orientation. Coming on to a television series is always a little bit of a wild ride. You have to defer to your writers and say, ‘OK, promise me that this is going to make sense.'”

In illuminating Dr. Sullivan’s “slightly sinister edge,” co-showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa worried that Gish might be opposed to the sudden shift. “There’s always the fear that an actor will call and say, ‘No, my character wouldn’t do that’ or ‘I don’t want to do that.’ What’s so great about Annabeth is that she totally leaned into that.”

OK, let’s talk: What are your top theories about Bloody Rose after Episode 5? Do you think Dr. Sullivan is just another red herring? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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