Presumed Ukrainian strike on Russian airfields in Crimea

Reported fire at Belbek Airfield
Reported fire at Belbek Airfield

Russian airfields in occupied Crimea were targeted by likely Ukrainian missile strikes late at night on May 15, according to Russian sources and local social media accounts.

Local Telegram channels reported explosions in Sevastopol and Yevpatoria around 11 p.m. Later, residents of Simferopol reported hearing powerful explosions.

Preliminarily, about six explosions were also heard near the Belbek Airfield in the Sevastopol area. Video footage posted by Ukrainian activist Serhii Sternenko shows a major fire at the site.

Residents of Hvardiiske, where another military airfield is located, also reported hearing loud explosions.

Pro-Ukrainian resistance movement Atesh also reported "successful attacks" on Russian military targets in Crimea.

Russian propaganda outlets accused Ukraine of attacking Crimea with ATACMS ballistic missiles, claiming that the missiles were intercepted by air defense.

The Ukrainian side has not yet officially commented on the situation.

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