Presidential Hopeful Proposes Name Change for Nigeria

Nigerian presidential hopeful Adamu Garba II has proposed to change the name of the country to “the Nigritian Federation” or simply “Nigritia”.

“If Ghana can change its name from the Colonial Gold Coast, Kenya from British East Africa, Benin from Dahomey, Togo from Togoland, etc, why would Nigeria maintain a colonially induced name?,” he wrote in a tweet. He added, “We should rename this country back to its pre-colonial NIGRITIA.”

According to Google Arts & Culture, Nigritia “is an archaic term in European mapping” referring to West Africa.

Garba announced his intention to run for the presidency earlier in April, local media reported. The election is due to be held in 2023. Credit: Adamu Garba II via Storyful

Video transcript

For those that are asking me on how to pronounce the pre-colonial Nigerian name, the name is called the way you pronounce it it's Nigritia-- nee, gree, sha. Not nee, gree, tah, like someone called to ask. It's nee, gree, sha, Nigritia. Nigeria, the Nigritian Federation. That's what we are proposing, the Nigritian Federation or simply Nigritia. Thank you.

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