Biden Met With Protests at Recall Election Rally in Long Beach, California

US President Joe Biden was met with protests as he arrived at a campaign rally in Long Beach on Monday, September 13, ahead of the California gubernatorial recall election on Tuesday.

Footage by Brandon Richardson from the Long Beach Post shows protesters outside Long Beach City College, where the campaign event was held on Monday evening.

In the first video, the crowd can be heard shouting “f*** Joe Biden” as the President’s motorcade arrives.

In the second video, the crowd can be heard shouting “recall Newsom’”, as people leave the rally on Monday night.

President Biden encouraged voters to reject the Republican-led effort to remove Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, who faces criticism over the state’s handling of the pandemic, according to local reports.

It was reported Biden told the rally that the Republican candidate, Larry Elder, was a “clone of Trump”.

Voters in California were set to vote in the state’s second ever recall election on September 14. Credit: Brandon Richardson/Long Beach Post via Storyful

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